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  • Impact

    RethinkAction supports the objectives of the EU Green Deal. This and related frameworks and regulations are in line with the Paris Agreement, which points to the critical role of the land use planning in reaching the long-term climate mitigation objectives. Land resources are also fundamental, even critical, to reach climate objectives and specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    In this context, the RethinkAction project puts citizens and decision-makers at the heart of climate action by developing a cross-sectoral planning decision-making platform to foster climate action across Europe. RethinkAction therefore focuses on people and their ability to create change, rather than solely on technology and data.

    1. Empower citizens, stakeholders, and decision-makers to integrate climate change and climate action into the decisions that will affect our lives in the coming decades.
    2. Contribution to the use of information and data from the Copernicus programme and the GEO initiative.
    3. Improve robustness, predictive quality of data, as well as information and knowledge on climate adaptation and mitigation.
    4. Gradual change in the use of knowledge and information, so that users can become active players in climate protection.
    5. Make high-level information on climate change more accessible to people’s lives and to provide data in a format that makes it useful for its users. Make people understand how lifestyle changes affect land.
    6. Enhancing European capacity in terms of the availability of climate change adaptation and mitigation solutions, including by addressing sectoral and/or geographical gaps.
    7. Provide appropriate responses to the European and international climate policies to which we are committed Increase the resilience of society, organisations (private and public) and individuals to multiple risks.
    8. Support the development of the European Service sector regarding end-user climate services.
  • Results

    By creating a cross-sectoral platform for planning decisions related to sustainable land use, the RethinkAction project will promote climate action and improve decision-makers’ and citizens’ understanding of sustainable mitigation and adaptation solutions.

    1. Creation and engagement of the End-users Community.
    2. High-resolution climate data and land use maps. Climate change impacts and risks in each case study.
    3. Land use-based Adaptation and Mitigation Solutions cataloged at local, EU and global scales.
    4. Multiscale evaluation framework: 1) Future scenarios consistent across scales 2) Local dynamic models for the integrated assessment of solutions 3) An upscaling function for solutions to EU and global scales (WILIAM IAM).
    5. Land-based policy recommendations at different scales (local, European, and international policies).
    6. Develop the RethinkAction integrated assessment platform and demonstrate it in six case studies.
    7. An exploitation strategy as well as an open promotion of the projects’ results.

    As the project progresses, the results will be regularly updated in detail.