The workshop with the Gotland stakeholder group took place in Visby, Gotland on the 7th of November 2023, and was organized by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute within the RethinkAction Project. The workshop had 17 participants representing a wide range of sectors and professions: politicians, local authorities, farmers, planning architects, civil engineers, entrepreneurs and climate strategists. The outcome of the workshop showed the importance of collaboration based on the perspectives raised by the different stakeholders.

At the first face-to-face workshop with the Gotland case, the stakeholders contributed to building climate impact chains and prioritizing land-use based adaption and mitigation solutions. “The discussions around the table were intensive and interesting with diverse professions and sectors represented in each group”, says Jane Ihrfors from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

The stakeholders created impact chains for Gotland, i.e. mapped climate risks, using climate signals to identify impacts and vulnerability on Gotland, focusing on the risk of reduced freshwater availability. “The created impact chains will be an extremely valuable input for the impact chains of Gotland, with the local knowledge of the stakeholders”, says Jane Ihrfors from IVL.

The stakeholders were also asked to prioritize land-use based adaption and mitigation solutions, depending on how feasible and urgent they are to be implemented on Gotland. This exercise sparked discussions where the prioritization of solutions differed between the interests or sectors of the stakeholders. “These discussions were fruitful and gave the project new knowledge about initiatives and projects that are already existing on the island, and the local engagement in different sectors”, says Sofie Hellsten from IVL.