Our partners from ICLEI showcased the RethinkAction project at three exciting events during the COP28.

They kicked things off by showcasing the project at the session titled “Cities and Innovation at COP28: Expanding Climate and Innovation Agendas to Deliver 11 Billion Flourishing Lives” in the Cities and Innovation Zone on December 4th. This session aimed to intertwine agenda-setting innovation with research addressing human needs - a vital step towards sustainability and radical collaboration. The insights from this session are expected to contribute significantly to shaping policies and actions grounded in the reality of human experiences and challenges faced. This ties in with the objectives of the co-creative aspect of the RethinkAction project, as well as enhancing citizens’ and stakeholders’ access to the information needed to make evidence-based decisions.

The RethinkAction project was also referenced on December 5th at a day-long event marked CapaCITIES Day, co-hosted by UNU and ICLEI. It featured two dialogues: one on community-driven climate action, highlighting the importance of inclusive collaboration, and the other on the Expanded Climate and Innovation Agenda (ECIA), focusing on transformative urban sustainability. Following this dialogue, various organizations shared their perspectives and projects related to capacity building. The day closed with a high-level panel featuring prominent local leaders.

RethinkAction was also presented at an additional session at COP28 on December 11th at the UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub Pavilion titled “Digitalization and Human Needs: How Science Can Foster Transformation at the Local Scale.” The session was hybrid, and a recording is available on YouTube.