The RethinkAction partners gathered in Milan on 18th and 19th October for our annual project meeting. As we reach the halfway mark of the project, it was an important moment for us to share the progresses made in the different work packages and strategise for the next phase. Presentations and discussions covered technical aspects, such as the data collection and processing which informs the climate and land use modelling, as well as the development of the RethinkAction Integrated Assessment platform, which is the final outcome of the project. All in all, the two workshop days created space for intensive discussions and showed us the great progress that is coming together for RethinkAction from the efforts of all partners.

As the next round of End User Consultations are about to take place in the six Case Study regions between November and January, the social engagement strategy and challenges were addressed. The End User Community is a crucial factor to make the RethinkAction platform successful; their needs must be assessed and a clear value proposal has to be formulated to get stakeholders involved with the project. To understand and empathise the needs of the target groups, a co-creative storytelling exercise invited all partners to creatively think about the problems of the different stakeholders and how RethinkAction can offer tangible solutions.

Project meetings are a great opportunity to meet face-to-face and engage in fruitful discussions about the project and beyond. A special thanks to Alessia Peluchetti from RINA Consulting for hosting us!

We also welcomed our new Project Coordinator from CARTIF, Iván Ramos Diez. In an upcoming video interview which we filmed on the side of the workshop, Iván will introduce himself and his role within the project. Stay tuned on our social media channels for more informative content!